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Can I install Office 2010 and keep Outlook 2007?

Trying to run two versions of Microsoft Office at the same time usually does not work well. Better to pick one version and stick with it.

Can I move Office 2010 from my old computer to my new one?

Moving Office to a new computer is best done with the original installation media. Other than that? You may have some problems.

Can I set a specific Microsoft Office version to open my emails?

Microsoft is configured to run only one version on a computer at a time. It would likely become confused if you tried to configure two versions.

Do I need MS Office updates if I only have the viewers?

The view-only Microsoft Office components may, or may not be affected by the updates to their full versions. We'll look at what to consider.

Do I need these 32-bit updates listed for applications I'm running in my 64-bit edition of Windows?

Updates for 32-bit software may be needed on a 64-bit operating system, because 32-bit software might be running on that machine.

How can I open Office 2007 files in older versions of Office?

Office 2007 introduces a new XML based file format for its documents. There's a download for older versions off office to read and write the new format.

How do I convert a Word document into a PDF file?

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a common format for sharing documents. Turning your Word document into a PDF can be as simple as printing.

How do I copy a picture out of a PowerPoint presentation?

We often see beautiful pictures being passed around in PowerPoint files. It's not difficult to copy a single image for other purposes.

How do I give multiple PST files different names within Outlook?

How do I install a pre-installed Microsoft Office on another machine?

Office is a popular pre-install on many new computers. If you didn't also get a CD, you should. Installing or reinstalling is a problem without it.

How do I make the WHOLE menu display always?

Microsoft Office Applications attempt to show you only the most commonly used menu items. There's a simple setting if you always want to see them all.

How do I remove Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders pane?

Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders pane is a handy shortcut to frequently used folders. If you don't want Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders your options are limited.

How do I repair Microsoft Office?

Occasionally, Microsoft Office programs can become damaged, perhaps due to disk problems or malware. Fortunately, you can repair Microsoft Office.

How do I scan a document into Excel?

Scanners are handy ways to get information from paper into your computer. However spreadsheets are highly structured which makes things very difficult.

How do I uninstall only Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Office includes several programs, including Word, Excel and Outlook. Uninstalling only one of them is fairly easy using Office Setup.

How do I upgrade my Outlook PST to 2003 format?

Outlook's file format changed from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003. Unfortunately upgrading your existing Outlook PST is not automatic, and not easy.

How do I use different signatures with different email accounts?

How do I view "PPS" files?

PPS files are PowerPoint presentations and you'll need a compatible viewer to view them. You may also need to create or repair the PPS file association.

How do you link cells in different Workbooks in Excel?

You can easily link cells across workbooks in Excel. In fact, Excel itself will do most of the work for you.

Is Office 2003 compatible with Windows Vista?

Various issues are leading people to wonder if Office 2003 will work on Windows Vista. Yes, it will. We'll look at some of the possible problems.

PPS files still don't work even after I created an association - what do I do?

PPS files seem to cause many people problems. We'll look at how to go about configuring your system to view PPS files.

Personal Folders: why am I seeing them listed more than once in Outlook?

Personal Folders is how Outlook Labels your PST or Personal mail STore by default. Outlook can get confused and display the same Personal Folders more than once.

Should I uninstall my old Office Pro before installing a new version?

Microsoft Office is very good about installing itself over older versions and, in fact, there is a very good reason to let it be in charge of the upgrade operation.

What's "Msocache"?

What's a good alternative to Microsoft Office?

If all you want to do is create and view some simple office documents, open source software is a great tool to use.

What's the difference between repairing Office and reinstalling it?

Repairing Microsoft Office will usually preserve your settings. If you uninstall and then reinstall it, you will be back to the factory default settings.

Why are my Office programs suddenly taking a long time to start and stop?

Office programs that take a long time to start and stop is a tough one to diagnose long distance. There are a few steps to try to get you back up to speed.

Why are my revisions visible when I send out a Word document?

Why do I still get Office 2010 updates after uninstalling it?

Are Office 2010 updates still appearing when you've elected to run 2003? It might not be a problem.

Why does Outlook ask me "Do you want to save changes?"

'Do you want to save changes?' happens when you download some email messages. You can take steps to avoid the 'Do you want to save changes?' message.