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A component of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word is perhaps the most popular word processing program on the planet.

How can I duplicate my existing letterhead in Word?

Many businesses have existing paper stationery that they'd like to have available directly in a word processor. Unfortunately converting's not easy.

How do I convert a ".tif" file to a Word ".doc" file?

Converting ".tif" format documents to editable Word ".doc" files requires Optical Character Recognition - OCR - services or software.

How do I convert a PDF document into a Word document?

It's not uncommon to want to take a PDF file and convert it to a more easily editable format like Word. Problem is, PDF wasn't mean to do that.

How do I get Word documents on the web to show up in Word, rather than my browser?

By default Word and other documents are displayed within IE rather than in an instance of the application. It's an easy setting to change, once found.

How do I get the document path and filename printed in the footer of my Word documents?

Printing the document path in a Word document is simple. In fact, you can insert a lot more information than just the path.

How do I open .doc or .docx files in Windows Mail?

In order to open these attachments, you need to have an application installed on your computer that understands those types of files.

How do I overline characters in Word?

It is actually very possible to overline characters in Microsoft Word.

How do I share documents between OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word?

OpenOffice is a free software suite to rival Microsoft Office. Exchanging documents between the two is not only possible, but quite easy.

Is there an easier way to combine documents than Copy/Paste?

Combining documents with the Copy/Paste commands is as simple as copying the text from each document and combining them into one master document.

What's a "docx" file, and how did I get one?

".docx" is the new extension used by Microsoft Word 2007. There are a couple of approaches if you're exchanging documents with users of older versions.

Where does Microsoft Word keep AutoText entries?

Microsoft Word keeps AutoText entries in a fairly easy to find template.

Why does a file grow dramatically after I add only a small amount?

To me, the problem sounds like Fast Save, a feature of the program that you're using to edit the file; it's a feature that is easily turned off.

Why is my paste of web content into Word underlined?

Pasting web page content into Word certainly isn't guaranteed to maintain the same formatting, but adding underlines to everything is probably a bug.

Why is there a ghostly icon on my desktop when I edit a Word document?

Editing a Word document creates temporary files. Depending on your settings and the location of your original document, those temporary files can become visible.

Why won't a picture copied into Word from a webpage always print?

A picture copied into Word won't print if hidden code from the web page is not copied correctly into Word. There is an easier way to print the information.

Word's Save-As menu disappeared. How to I repair it?

Microsoft Office programs menus are completely customizable. I'm not exactly sure what happened to you, but it should be something you can fix.