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MSN Instant Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger, and also related to Windows Messenger, is perhaps the single most popular instant messaging service on the internet.

Are you *sure* there's no way to retrieve MSN Messenger history without "archive messages" selected?

Without the "archive messages" selected, there is NO way to retrieve MSN Messenger History.

Can AOL users download & install MSN messenger?

AOL users can download and install MSN Instant Messenger.

Can I log into to two MSN Instant Messenger accounts at the same time?

Windows Live Messenger is designed to only allow one person to login at a time. There are several ways to sidestep this limitation.

Can I run two versions of MSN messenger at the same time?

Unless you have two computers running simultaneously you cannot run two different versions of MSN Messenger at the same time.

Can I use my Yahoo account in MSN Messenger?

To use your Yahoo account in MSN Messenger, you first need to make a .NET Passport using your Yahoo email address.

Emoticons stopped working for me in MSN Messenger ... but my friends see them just fine. Why?

MSN Messenger emoticons may stop working for you even though your friends may still be able to see them. Here is a straightforward solution to that problem.

How can I use MSN Messenger just once without downloading the program?

How do I delete accounts from the .NET passport login dropdown?

.NET passports are used in Windows XP in various ways, and removing them isn't that obvious, but it is possible.

How do I get Hotmail or Messenger without Windows Live?

Windows Live is the branding use for Microsoft's Hotmail, Messenger and other services. I'll review how to control how much Windows Live you get.

How do I get Messenger to stop logging in automatically?

Getting MSN Messenger to stop logging in automatically is fortunately a quick and easy fix to make.

How do I get rid of Messenger 4.7?

Windows Messenger 4.7 can be removed, but since it's a part of Windows, it's in the Windows Components part of Add/Remove programs.

How do I update my version of Windows Messenger?

To update your version of MSN or Windows Messenger, all you need to do is download and install the new version.

I keep getting MSN Messenger messages that say I am signed on a another location. What does that mean?

I've tried to update Messenger, so why does it keep telling me I need a newer version?

Is there a way to change the message length limit in MSN Messenger?

Is there a way to stop Messenger from flashing the chat window when a message

MSN Instant Messenger is unable to connect with error 0x81000301. What do I do?

MSN Instant Messenger shows my old ISP - How do I change it to my new one?

There are a couple reasons why MSN Instant Messenger will display your old ISP. Fortunately there are easy solutions to fix these particular issues.

MSN Messenger 6.2 seems to be causing me problems, what should I do?

If MSN Messenger causes problems for you, there are a few sources that are helpful with correcting these problems.

MSN Messenger tells me my microphone is not enabled, why?

MUST I Upgrade MSN Messenger?

MUST I upgrade MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger?

MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger users are being told they must upgrade. We'll look at why, and what some alternatives might be.

Where is the message History File saved?

If enabled, MSN Messenger stores your message history in a relatively obscure location, but it's easily discovered.

Why am I getting error code 800701f7 in MSN Messenger?

Error code 800701f7 results when there is a problem with the .NET Messenger Service.

Why can't I get the old version of Windows Live Messenger to work?

Windows Live Messenger, like many other programs, requires you to upgrade when they roll out new versions... whether you like it or not. You might want to try a different instant message program.

Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?

If you're behind a router and/or the person you want to talk to is behind a router you can have problems with audio in MSN Instant Messenger.

Why did MSN Messenger stop alerting me to new messages?

MSN Messenger can be told to not interrupt you with alerts when you're doing something else. The option apparently defaults to "on".

Why does one contact keep signing in over and over to MSN Messenger?

If one contact keeps popping up as newly-connected in MSN Messenger, it's likely that he or she has a connectivity problem.

Why might I not be able to down load msn 6.1 on my computer?

Would Messenger 4.7 work on my friend's old a pentium 1?