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If your bank is forcing the browser to a certain size, there isn't a lot that you can technically do about it. However, there is another course!

I'm using Firefox and Windows 7. On my Firefox toolbar, I have an icon for my banking. Clicking that opens the screen in full size but when I log on, the screen becomes one-quarter size. I've tried to expand it by using the stretch arrows to fill the screen, then closing and holding Shift and Ctrl and Windows buttons and when that didn't work, expanding the screen using the top right icon dragging to full size and closing using the aforementioned buttons, but none of them work. Your advice would be appreciated.

In this excerpt from Answercast #47, I look at a situation where a bank website is forcing the size of a browser.

Forced size

Unfortunately, this might be an unsolvable problem from your perspective. What it sounds like is happening is that:

  • Your bank's website is explicitly changing the size of the window after you've logged on.

Honestly, there's really no practical solution as a browser user (in other words, from your position or my position if I were visiting that bank.)

  • If you resize it and it sticks for the rest of your banking session, that's about the best you can do.

  • If they're going to force the window to be a specific size after you login, there really isn't a whole heckuva lot you can do about that.

Customer feedback

Now, what I would suggest you do (it has nothing to do with your browser, of course) is to:

  • Let your bank know!

  • Let them know that this behavior is annoying or is causing you problems.

Now, I will say that just going into the bank and talking to a teller is not the way to give them this feedback. I would be shocked, I'd be absolutely shocked if any of that kind of feedback made it back to the people who actually design and maintain your bank's website.

Support or help link

What you need to look for on the bank's website is some kind of a Support link or a Help link or a Contact us link to report issues with the website specifically. That should get that information to the right people.

But, ultimately, you know if a website is going to force the browser to be a specific size, there isn't a whole lot you or I can do about it.

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August 28, 2012 11:27 AM

Since you're using Firefox, you could try this:

Click on "Tools" then "Options", select the "Content" tab.

There should be a check box with "Enable JavaScript" and a button on the far right of this with the text "Advanced".

Click this button and an "Advance JavaScript Settings" dialogue box opens. Uncheck the first check box that says "...Move or resize pop up windows."

I don't know for definite if this will work but you can give it a shot.

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