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Setting up a good email account is very simple, so there is no need to share an account with a grandson. A few simple steps are necessary to separate the accounts.

Hi, Leo. My question is my grandson uses my email for his Facebook. I want it deleted if he can. He also uses my email on his home computer. He gets about 25 emails a day. Can he use my email for home so that I don't get it on my computer? Can you help?

In this excerpt from Answercast #33, I look at a shared email account and recommend that it be separated into two accounts.

Get your own email!

The answer here, honestly, is really simple:

  • He needs to get his own email address.

There's absolutely no reason anymore for him to use your email address. You can go out and get a free one at Google's Gmail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo. He should simply be using his own email address and getting his own email on his own computer.

  • That means he will end up having to change the email address associated with his Facebook account.

That's absolutely something he can, and should, be doing.

Project your account

Once he does so, I would recommend also that you: change the password on your own account – on your own email.

Simply to make sure that he doesn't accidentally use it, or that he doesn't accidentally share it when he's not supposed to. Keep your email secure and separate from his.

So that's the bottom line. You know? He should just get his own email address and everything should be separate.

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Douglas Harding
July 10, 2012 10:05 AM

Along with the free email options mentioned, check also with your IPS provider. Most offer up to five email addresses for one account. Makes it easy for each family member to have their own email address.

July 10, 2012 10:51 AM

DON'T check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider, aka what you connect to in order to get email or web access) to get him a new email address.
That locks his email to your ISP. You cannot change ISPs without killing off his email.

Much better to get him a free account on Gmail. He can then use it from whatever ISP he is using. It also frees him to change providers as he grows up and moves away from home (using parent's provider right now?) without having to change his email that people know.

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