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Networking equipment includes routers, switches and hubs as well as modems, wireless access points and just about any piece of hardware used to create or manage a network.

Can I connect my own router in place of my ISP provided equipment?

You can't plug a phone line into a router! That won't work because it's not designed to work. I take a look at a network that may need to be set up in tandem.

Can I turn off my modem when I am gone?

Turning off a modem can actually clear up connection problems. However, you may want to explore some other methods for dealing with a sluggish system.

Do network communications have different channels or only one?

When it comes to network segments, there's really one pipe that carries all of the information from all of the computers. And the information is colliding all the time.

Does an internet installation with a FiOS cable protect my system from possible lightning strikes?

FiOS cables have fiber optics, but there may still be wires connecting your house.

Does turning off my computer equipment break my internet connection?

Computer and Internet equipment is engineered to be left on, but turning it off should have little to no effect on your performance and internet connection.

How can I be sure I'm getting the internet speed I'm paying for?

It's not uncommon to feel like the internet is slowing down. Determining if it's your ISP's fault is possible, but it needs to be done carefully.

How do I fix my dial-up modem after being in a lightning storm?

This feels like a hardware problem. I suggest some troubleshooting steps and repair options.

My new network card lights up, but Windows doesn't find it. Why?

If a new network card fails to be detected when plugged into a Windows XP, it's more often than not a problem with the hardware.

My router disconnects every few days. What do I do?

Every few days is a bit much! Wi-Fi routers do need to get rebooted every so often. But I'm talking more like a number of weeks or months... not days.

Should I buy my own DSL modem?

DSL modems are typically provided by your ISP. Most people don't realize that you can often purchase your own ... but should you?

Why does my 14MB file not download in a second on my 14mbps connection?

There are a lot of factors involved in downloading a file to your computer. When adding it up, however, you need to know the difference between a bit and a byte.

Why does my internet connection not work right away?

Sometimes, it takes awhile for a computer to sort everything out and get online. The exact cause will depend on the equipment and specific configuration.

Why does my internet connection slow down sometimes?

We've come to rely on our internet connections and quickly notice when speed isn't what it should be. The problem is that there are many possible reasons.

Why does the Linksys wusb11 not work in Windows 98?

The Linksys wusb11 should work in Windows 98. If it does not, it's possible that you need updated drivers.