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Phishing, examples of phishing scams, phishing vulnerabilities and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Can I prevent phishing attacks by using a bookmark?

You can prevent phishing attacks several ways; the most common is to never click on an emailed link. Bookmarks can be also be used to prevent phishing.

How can I report a phishing email address?

Spam and phishing attempts are quite an annoyance, but does reporting them help?

How did I get subscribed to this dating service?

The techniques spammers and even semi-legitimate business use in email can be misleading. Even a single click - or copy/paste - can catch you.

How do I know that this web address is safe?

Domain names are simple in concept and yet can be constructed in ways that might fool you. I'll look at some examples, and discuss what's important.

I clicked on a link that I shouldn't have. What should I do now?

It happens to the best of us. You click a link and only then do you realize that you shouldn't have. I'll explore one scenario.

Is Windows Live Hotmail about to close my account?

People continue to fall for what more experienced users would say are laughably bogus phishing attempts. I'll analyze why one common attempt is so bad.

Is this "Account updates!!!!!" email legitimate?

"Account updates!!!!!" is a recent and frequent attempt at phishing. I'll break down why it's so obviously bogus, to show things to look for elsewhere.

What free anti-phishing scam program do you recommend?

Phishing scams are difficult for computers to identify and difficult to protect against. Ultimately you are the best defense against phishing scams.

Why does my anti-malware software say a link is suspected phishing?

Anti-malware software examines links to see if they go where they claim to go. The problem is that valid links can be mislabeled as phishing attempts.

Why is Thunderbird saying your newsletter might be a scam?

Thunderbird includes a feature that examines links in email and tries to determine if they might be a scam. Sometimes, it's just wrong.