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Perhaps the single most under-appreciated component in your computer the power supply is not only responsible for providing the proper power to bring it all to life, but is also the source of various and perhaps not-so-obvious classes of failures.

Can I interchange laptop power supplies from the same manufacturer?

The life of a battery can be increased by using the right power supply, but with a proper match, they can be interchanged.

Can I use a power supply with a higher wattage rating on my laptop?

What matters is that the voltage and polarity of the power supply is a match. There is no substitution for that.

Can a TV get malware from my PC?

This does not sound like a malware issue at all. I think its something much more mundane, probably related to your power.

Could my power supply be causing memory errors?

Computer power supplies can fail, and not always in sudden and obvious ways. Failures can be gradual, and can manifest in many different ways.

Do I need to protect my computer from lightning?

Problems with the power to your computer can translate into damage to your computer and data. I'll cover how much protection you might need.

How should I protect my equipment from power outages?

Protecting equipment from power outages can be done with a large battery called an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

If shutting down Windows cleanly is important, what happens when the power just goes out?

We're all told to shut down Windows before turning power off, but what if the power just goes out? If you're not protected, bad things can happen.

Is it safe to install a higher wattage power supply in my computer?

Replacing a power supply is reasonable common solution to some problems. Making sure you have the right wattage power supply is important. And bigger doesn't hurt.

My computer is crashing and having troubles, is it time to replace the power supply?

Computer crashes and other difficulties can certainly be caused by a failing or overtaxed power supply, but there are other places to look first.