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Questions and answers relating to the various assortment of printers, printer drivers and printer-related issues.

Can I print to my printer at home while I'm on the road?

Cloud printing may allow you to print to your printer at home while traveling. But is that really going to be trustworthy?

Can I use a Universal Printer Driver to connect to my printers?

Universal printer drivers may or may not work. The best bet is to go to the printer's website and see what drivers they have available.

How do I change the default settings for my printer?

Default settings for printers are located in Properties for the printer icon. Settings configured there should become the default settings.

How do I use a printer that's on another machine on my network?

Once Windows Networking is enabled on your local network it's relatively easy to share printers as well as files. We'll walk through the steps.

I can't print from Excel. How do I fix this?

Is the printer at fault? Or the program? One way to troubleshoot is to try printing to a virtual printer.

Is there a way to bypass the print queue in Windows?

The print queue is now a fundamental part of how Windows operates. I'll explore the history of today's present multi-user system.

Is there a way to change the font color of a document I've downloaded?

See if your printer supports something called a "draft mode" and if you can use that when you print.

Is there a way to refurbish an inexpensive printer?

Inexpensive printers are great, but when it comes time to repair, your choices are somewhat limited.

My printer prints things too small. What can I do?

It's not the printer. Software on your computer is controlling print size. Therefore, it's the settings on your computer or in the application that you use to print that you'll need to adjust.

My printer stopped printing, what do I do?

When a wireless printer is giving you problems, a good first step is to uninstall and reinstall the software, but sometimes, you simply need to clear the printer queue.

What's a "starter capacity" cartridge for a printer?

Starter capacity ink cartridges for many printer brands come with a fraction of the ink available in full-sized ink cartridges. They are just for starting.

What's a PCL5 printer and why is Windows trying to download it?

It's very likely that this PCL5 driver is actually required to print from the HP printer you have installed.

Why do I lose 10-15% of the right hand side of my printed documents sometimes?

It is very possible that the default driver is set wrong or that your paper and margin settings are incorrect for your printer.

Why does my computer 'Find New Hardware' for my printer every time I boot?

There is an article published by Microsoft on what to do if your computer displays 'Found New Hardware' for your printer every time you boot.

Why does my printer not print the middle of the page?

Old printers can go bad in a number of ways, including print heads, cartridges, and more. Here are a few troubleshooting steps to go through.

Why does printing take so long to start?

There are a lot of different things that can impact the printing process, everything from large graphics to disk overload.