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It's easy to delete an email message by mistake. Whether or not it can be recovered depends on many, many things including but not limited to the email service, your email program, how long ago the email was deleted, and even whether or not the courts are involved.

Can I retrieve a deleted email from three years ago?

Several factors conspire to make recovering a file or message deleted three years ago extremely improbable. Still, there's an extremely slim chance.

Can I retrieve the old emails I sent and received from my email provider?

Retrieving old emails is only possible if your ISP keeps backups of files from that time. It's unlikely.

Does deleting my email or email account really delete all my messages and attachments?

In most cases, deleting email really does delete the email beyond your ability to recover it. As always, however, there are exceptions.

Does emptying trash in email keep others from seeing the email I deleted?

Most individuals wouldn't be able to access emails that you've deleted... but that doesn't mean that someone at the ISP wouldn't be able to find the message.

How do I recover email that I deleted six months ago?

Unless you plan ahead, deleted email is ... well ... deleted. There are some fringe cases where you can recover deleted email, but not easily.

How do I securely delete email?

It's easy to overlook important steps if you're attempting to securely and permanently delete an email message. I'll cover what's required.

Is there a way to retrieve my email history after I've deleted them?

There are things to enable ahead of time if you would like to save your email history, but if they are not enabled then your emails are gone for good.

Should I backup my emails with Dropmyemail?

Configuring a PC based email program to use IMAP and have it constantly downloading email as a backup is a reasonable way to go.

When I delete my Yahoo IM transcripts are they really deleted?

In practicality, information is deleted when it is deleted, although there are several scenarios where it could be recovered if someone were motivated enough!