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Questions and Answers relating to social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else comes along.

Are Evite invitations safe?

The rule of thumb, to keep your computer safe, is to not click on links you are unsure of... but how do you be sure?

How can someone create a fake account in my daughter's name?

It's unfortunate, but people can go out and create email accounts using what ever name they might want to.

How do I get rid of 'Like', 'Send', 'Share,' and so on, that slow down so many web pages?

It's the website that you're visiting that's putting those social icons there, and there's really no way for you to turn them off.

Retaining your social media connections

Social media connections - followers and fans - are hard won and easily lost. I'll look at a couple of key elements to keeping your connections engaged.

Someone has created a fake social media profile with my name - how do I remove this fake account?

It's trivial to create accounts on both free email and social media services impersonating someone else. Unfortunately, it's not so trivial to clean up.

What's your social media strategy?

I use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn - and I actually have a little bit of a plan around how I use each.