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As I discontinue my weekly podcast, a few recommendations on other podcasts that I listen to.

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This is Leo Notenboom for

This is the last of my weekly 3 minute podcasts. Oh, I'll probably do the occasional long form, when events warrant, and you'll probably see me shift to video for topics that call for it, so this isn't the last time you'll hear my voice. I'm just removing the weekly, audio and 3 minute constraints.

However if you're looking for good stuff to listen to in my place, I thought this would be a good time to mention a few of the podcasts that I listen to; both tech and leisure.

I've actually written about the Security Now podcast before. If I have a chance to listen to only one podcast each week, Security Now is it. Each week Steve Gibson, of Gibson Research, and "the other Leo", Leo Laporte, get together and discuss assorted security issues, tools, tips and techniques. The discussion isn't just about what the issues are, but why and how things work, or don't, and why it's important.

It's an extremely educational podcast.

In that same educational vein I can't recommend IT Conversations highly enough. To quote their description: "IT Conversations is ... now the longest-running podcast on the planet. IT Conversations publishes a new audio program nearly every day, from the most important tech conferences to our own unique programs. Not just IT, it's everything tech and beyond."

Now the volume can be a bit overwhelming but there's a lot to choose from. You'll find extremely interesting conference talks, interviews and a broad spectrum of information you typically won't run into elsewhere.

So, podcasts aren't just for educational purposes ... they can be fun too.

My favorite recreational podcast is Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, a perfect example of how public radio shows can be distributed as podcasts so that you can listen to them on your schedule. Wait Wait is described as "the oddly informative news quiz" - it takes a humorous look at each weeks news stories in an informal game show format.

Another public radio show that's not quite a podcast, though I treat it as such, is Says You!. Says You is a half hour weekly word game that, once again, is not just fun but also surprisingly educational. Now, Says You is not available as a true podcast, though I certainly wish it were.

There are two alternative approaches: one is to subscribe to Says You at - there you'll not only find the latest episode of this show, but many, many other audio books and shows. The other alternative is to use a program like Replay Radio which allows you to schedule and record radio shows as they're streamed on the internet.

Have a podcast that you think I or my readers would appreciate? I'd love to hear about it. Visit and enter 12392 in the go to article number box to access the show notes, the transcript and to leave a comment. While you're there, browse the hundreds of technical questions and answers on the site.

Thanks for listening, I'm Leo Notenboom, for

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mark schneider
May 3, 2008 1:43 PM

I've enjoyed your podcast and will miss them. I certainly understand your issues though. Your site is informative and very helpful and remains is high up in my RSS toolbar in Firefox. Good luck and thanks for all the great content.

May 7, 2008 7:36 AM

I'm a public radio fan myself, so I'll go ahead and toss This American Life and Radio Lab into the fray here--the former being my most particular favorite.

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