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Spyware includes malware that truly spies on your activities like keystroke loggers and worse, as well as adware and other forms of malicious activity.

A program is telling me to uninstall its competitor; should I?

On install, some anti-malware programs may warn you if issues might result. Occasionally, one of those issues is the presence of a competing product.

Can clicking "Cancel" still mean "Accept" when I get a popup?

Spyware uses almost every trick in the book to get onto your machine. Making a web page pop-up that *looks* like it has a Cancel button is just one.

Can keyloggers get my login information when I use drag and drop from Keypass?

Malware and keyloggers on your machine can do anything, which includes cut and paste, drag and drop, screen keypads and more. Prevention is the only cure. To be safe, you need to protect yourself from all kinds of malware.

Every time I boot Windows tells me "STCLOADER.EXE" appears to be corrupt. What do I do?

When your computer shows that STCLOADER.EXE is corrupt, it's best to run a spyware removal tool as that file known to be spyware.

How can I be sure that there isn't "legitimate" spyware on my machine?

Monitoring software, used by parents and corporations, act very much like spyware. Ideally anti-spyware tools will tell you if they're installed.

How do I get rid of these porn links that keep coming back in my favorites?

Links to sites that you haven't been to can appear for various reasons. You can begin by checking for spyware.

How do I remove spyware from a computer I loaned to a former friend?

Anyone with physical access to your computer can do anything with or to it. I'll look at cleaning up after loaning it to the wrong person.

I keep getting the error 'fash.exe failed to start ...' - how do I stop it?

The error "fash.exe failed to start" is a probably a form of spyware/malware and can be fixed and prevented with a spyware scanner.

I run Anti-Spyware software, why do I still get infected?

There are a few possible reasons why someone would become infected even if they run Anti-Spyware software.

My anti-spyware tool is reporting errors in my hosts file. What is that, and why?

The hosts file can be used to send you to or prevent you from reaching malicious sites. Different anti-spyware tools can bump into each other checking on this.

So just how sneaky can spyware be?

Much of what we call spyware, like adware, can be relatively benign. But more and more there's a more intrusive, damaging kind of spyware as well, better called "malware".

What do I do if my spyware scanner hangs?

It's best to update your spyware scanner or even try a new one if the scanner hangs.

Why do I get a WJView Error on Startup?

Why do I keep getting a wtoolsa error in kernel32.dll?

A wtoolsa error in kernel32.dll means there's spyware on your machine, and a spyware scan is needed to remove it.

Why does my anti-spyware program keep reporting the same cookies?

Many anti-spyware programs repeatedly report cookie or tracking cookie issues. Are those spyware? Maybe. Maybe not. Some thoughts on what to do.

about:blank hijacked my homepage - how do I fix it?

Although difficult to eradicate, removing the about:blank hijacker on your home page is possible.