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STCLOADER.EXE is spyware, and should be removed with a spyware scan if you are having troubles because of it.


This is spyware. If you have it or are having problems because of it, then I'd recommend a spyware scan.

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Wendy Karman
February 2, 2005 4:14 AM

I am a bit of a novice in computing and believe I have a problem. A message window pops up saying that the stcloader file is corrupt and to reinstall it. How do I do that. I have downloaded spybot and ad-aware and that window still pops up. Can you help me?

February 2, 2005 5:41 PM

Make sure that for spybot and adaware you've downloaded the latest databases of spyware definitions as well before you run a scan. You might also try Microsoft's new anti-spyware program.

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