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The System Restore feature of Windows periodically takes snapshots of critical system files including Windows registry so that these can be restored if necessary to recover from assorted types of problems.

Can I get rid of spyware using system restore?

System Restore can "undo" some of the viruses and spyware on your system, but it cannot remove infected files.

Can I save my original System Restore point?

System Restore is convenient when it works, but it can also be a disaster when it doesn't work. I have another suggestion.

How do I get System Restore to take up less space?

System Restore is allocated a certain amount of space on your hard disk. If that's excessive, you can use less, at the cost of fewer restore points.

How do I get at System Restore in Windows XP?

System Restore settings are in the properties of My Computer, but actually running the System Restore application is a little less obvious.

How do I get at system restore since it disappeared from my Start menu?

System restore can disappear from the Start Menu for many reasons. It's easy to search for it, but learning to back up your computer is a better idea.

Is CCleaner deleting System Restore points?

CCleaner and System Restore points may or may not be related. Either way, a good backup will keep you safer than System Restore can ever do.

Is there a Windows 7 alternative to the program GoBack?

Setting your computer back in time can be done with image backups, or perhaps, readers may have an idea for a substitute for GoBack?

Is there a way to place restore points on a drive other than the system drive?

System Restore can take up a lot of room on a hard drive. I have a better recommendation than trying to move the restore points.

Why can't I rely on System Restore for backups?

There's much confusion about what System Restore actually is and is not. In a nutshell, it's safest not to rely on it to restore your system.

Why do my Windows 7 restore points keep disappearing?

Windows 7 restore points disappear automatically as newer restore points are created. You can't directly control the number of restore points kept.

Why isn't there a restore point where I want to go back to?

Restore points are a handy way to undo problematic system changes. Even though you can control it some, restore points can only go back so far.