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Application instructions for the Technical Assistant position.

Be sure to read both:

before you apply.

Application Format

Create a plain text email, and include the information I request below.

It's pretty much that simple. Follow all instructions carefully.

Some of the questions may seem silly, and or superfluous - they are not. I'm honestly trying to get as good a picture as I can from the start as to how well you'd fit and perform this job. I believe that all the questions are relevant in some way.


I'll need your name and email address.

Describe your background - include both any education that you believe is relevant to this position, as well as any experience you believe makes you appropriately qualified to do this job. A couple of paragraphs should do.

Tell me why you love technology.

What days of the week are the best for you to work, and what hours of the day? (What time zone are you in?)

PC or Mac? Why?

What "feature" of Windows bugs you the most? Why?

Which feature do you like the most? Why?


Tell me two other websites that I own and operate.

What's the URL of my Facebook fan page?

Who did I work for before starting Ask Leo!, and for how long?

What's my mailing address?

Ask Leo!

When someone asks me "I've lost my Hotmail password, what do I do?", what should my response be?

Which existing article on Ask Leo! is the most appropriate to answer "I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. How do I get into his Gmail account to make sure he's not emailing another girl?"

Where is this IP address located: ?

Pick any article on Ask Leo! and tell me why I'm wrong.


What should I have asked that I did not?

What questions do you have for me that relate to this job or job application?

Why are manhole covers round?

Submit Your Application

Important: By applying for this position you agree that any information you provide becomes the property of Ask Leo! and may be re-used in any way deemed appropriate. (That's a cover-my-behind statement - I don't plan to share anything of a personal nature or personally-identifiable nature. On the other hand if, for example, as part of the application I ask you to write something for me I reserve the right to use that, whether I hire you or not. Though if I do re-use something you've written, that probably says something about your chances of getting an offer.)

Email your completed application to jobs<at> - I'll respond with further instructions if I think there's a possibility for a fit.

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