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The free, open source email program from Mozilla.

Do I need to change programs now that Thunderbird development has been slowed?

Thunderbird is not being discontinued. I explore some options and stick with my recommendation... for now.

How do I block unwanted emails in Thunderbird?

Blocking senders is an ineffective way to deal with spam, but Thunderbird includes the ability, along with an adaptive junk mail filter.

How do I move my Thunderbird-based email from one machine to another?

Moving email from one machine to another is a snap when you're using Thunderbird as your email program. I'll show you how.

Why do I get only half of the pictures displayed in email?

Seeing only half a picture in Thunderbird seems odd. Perhaps the preview screen is cutting it off.

Why is my email being immediately deleted as it arrives in Thunderbird?

In situations like this, my bet is almost always on the anti-malware tools that you have installed... They're attempting to integrate just a little too tightly into the email process.

Why won't PDFs open reliably in Thunderbird?

If Thunderbird PDFs don't open it might be related to the anti-virus software running on your computer. One particular setting may be the culprit.