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Perhaps the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu is a popular choice for those trying out Linux, those attempting to extend the life of older machines ... and even those running servers on the internet.

Can I extend the life of an old computer by running Ubuntu?

Ubuntu or other Linux distributions with lower resource requirements are often excellent ways to extend the life of a computer that's not up to running current versions of Windows.

Can you help me find an Ubuntu partition in Windows 7?

If a Ubuntu partition can't be accessed by Windows, it may be in a different format. I'll show you how to access that partition and see if it is configured so Windows can use it.

How do I run Windows Update on my Ubuntu computer?

Ubuntu is not just for nerds; it operates somewhat like Windows and can be used by anyone, but it won't run Windows Update.

I have an old machine. Can I install Ubuntu Linux on my Windows XP OS?

What's most important is whether Ubuntu Linux will meet your needs; whether it will have software that does the things you need it to do.

Should I consider Ubuntu Linux over Windows 7?

Ubuntu is a good operating system, depending on what you are wanting to do with your computer... and there is a way to try it without making any changes to your computer!