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Installing, configuring and using backup programs for a variety of tasks including, of course, backing up!

A brief overview of Macrium Reflect Backup

Macrium Reflect is a full featured backup program. I'll show a quick tour of the product and its basic features.

A brief overview of Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery has both free and paid versions that can perform well for may backup tasks.

Can I create a backup image of Linux using Macrium or Acronis?

Backing up Linux computers with Windows backup programs (such as Macrium Reflect or Acronis) is possible, but not necessarily practical.

Can I create a true factory fresh image without even the initial customizations?

This requires backup software with rescue media (a boot DVD or CD) that allows you to perform not only a restore, but an actual backup.

Can I unselect the recovery partition when I backup my C: drive?

A full backup needs to be a full backup. I explain why you need to also backup your recovery partition.

How do I get my backup program to put the backup where I want?

Getting backup files where you want requires a proper backup program. Windows backup on Vista computers has difficulties in that direction.

How do I recover with my backup when a virus took out my boot sector?

Although it needs to be done manually in your backup program, it is possible to include your boot sector in a full backup image.

How do I setup Acronis True Image Home 2011?

Acronis True Image Home is used in several of my examples. I'll walk through the steps of setting up the 2011 version.

Is a continuous backup still a good idea?

Any kind of a backup is a good idea and can save the files that you care about after a crash or a hack.

What incremental backup images should I delete?

Incremental backups create a lot of files. It is important to manage them properly when restoring and starting a new cycle of backups.

What's an inexpensive way to set up a backup system?

The important thing is to get a backup system running on your computer. I'll discuss an option that that will get you going.

Why does my backup use all available RAM and fail?

This is really behaving like a confusion between the terms "RAM" and "disk space." It's rare for lack of RAM to cause backup failures.

Will a scheduled backup wake my machine up if it's sleeping?

Some backup programs can wake up a sleeping machine, but there are still a few things that could go wrong and cause a backup to fail.

Will backup programs run if my computer is hibernating or in standby?

Backing up in hibernate or standby is generally not possible, unless your backup program has a method of waking the computer up before the process starts.

Will it cause a problem if I choose a different name for my backup than that recommended by Macrium Reflect?

Changing backup file names is easy and safe to do. It's only an identifier for Macrium.