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Can I monitor who's using my machine?

Windows XP includes a useful utility to monitor exactly what programs are being run on your machine. It's easy to enable, and easy to see the results.

How do I change Windows sounds?

Changing the sounds that Windows plays on certain events is easy - once you know where to look.

How do I configure WinSCP for Public Key authentication?

Public Key Authentication is a powerful and secure way to manage server access. This video demonstrates configuring WinSCP for Public Key Authentication.

How do I delete accounts from the .NET passport login dropdown?

.NET passports are used in Windows XP in various ways, and removing them isn't that obvious, but it is possible.

How do I download Process Explorer?

How do I force Outlook to open "potentially unsafe attachments" that I know are ok?

Outlook tries to protect you from opening certain types of attachments, even if you know they're safe. A registry change puts you back in control.

How do I login automatically with Windows XP Pro?

Automatic login most commonly happens when there's no password - but Remote Desktop requires that you have a password. TweakUI provides the solution.

How do I make something other than "Picture and FAX Viewer" the default for viewing pictures?

Windows Picture and FAX Viewer is the default application for viewing images under Windows. But there are many other programs out there as well.

How do I send mail from my mail forwarded address?

It's easy to forward one email address to your real email account, but sending email to look like it came from that forwarded address isn't as obvious.

How do I stop MSN Messenger from starting automatically and logging me in?

Is there a way to shutdown my headless Windows XP Pro machine remotely?

What is Internet Explorer's new Add-On Manager?

Thanks to the Add-On Manager, you now can now have more visibility and control over what software makes itself part of Internet Explorer.

What's this new 'Security Center' thing in XP service pack 2 all about?

Windows "Security Center" is an attempt to raise awareness about security issues while making it a bit easier to deal with.

Windows Firewall is restricting access to something I want ... what do I do?

If Windows Firewall is restricting access to a program you want, there are a few steps to take to allow them access to the internet once more.