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It's a tough situation after an email account has been hacked. There may be some further steps you can take to make sure you have total and exclusive control over it.

I'm using Microsoft XP, version 2002. My Yahoo email was hacked a month ago and I was able to recover it. But now, I don't receive some of the emails that my friends send to me. Some of them, not all. What can I do? I deleted all of the filters that the hacker had defined for my email. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

In this excerpt from Answercast #47, I look at a case where a Yahoo account has been hacked and is still experiencing problems.

Hacked Yahoo account

It's a little bit difficult to say exactly what's going on. What I recommend you start with is an article of mine, "Email hacked? 7 things you need to do NOW". That walks you through the steps of recovering your account.

I know you've recovered your account, but my concern is that you have not completely recovered your account, and as a result, the hackers still have some things left in. So:

  • Check for more filters;

  • Check for automatic forwards;

  • Check for other settings that may allow the hackers to continue to have access to your account, even though you think you've recovered it.

Your account status

Now, the other thing, and this one is out of your control:

  • It is possible that the hackers did enough damage with your account that the account "reputation" has been tarnished;

  • And maybe that's affecting how Yahoo is treating deliverability to your account.

I'm not sure. I mean that's kind-of a wild guess.

Check your spam folder

The other thing that I would absolutely do is make sure that the messages that you believe you're missing aren't being placed in your spam folder.

If they're being placed in your spam folder, then go to that folder and make sure to mark those messages as Not spam. In other words:

  • Tell Yahoo that these messages are not spam.

  • If you do that enough times for the recipients for whom you're missing email...

  • Then eventually Yahoo will get the message and stop marking them as spam.

But this is a tough situation after being hacked. I understand that and I really do think that the very first thing you want to do is make sure that you've actually done a complete recovery of your account and have total control, and exclusive control, over it.

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