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Adding a browser after toolbars have been installed can cause some unusual behavior that is tricky to diagnose.

I took out my IE because of a hacking warning. I put Google Chrome in. A patch came and took Google Chrome out. Went to my homepage; both of my toolbars were gone. My AVG Security and Bing. I thought Google took them out. Had nothing but trouble with Google. I went to download them and my computer said they were already on here. I can't access them at all. Please can you help me find and replace them?

In this excerpt from Answercast #59, I look at difficulties with Bing and AVG toolbars on a new installation of Chrome.

Missing toolbars

So one of the important things to realize about toolbars (be it Bing or AVG or any number of different toolbars that are out there) is that they are added to the browser.

So, here's the scenario that I think happened:

  • You're running Internet Explorer.

  • You've got Bing; you've got AVG; they've been added to Internet Explorer.

  • Now, you download Chrome.

  • Chrome does not have those toolbars installed. So, you go off and try to download and install them.

  • Unfortunately, when you install them, it says, "Hey, you've already got these toolbars," because it sees that the toolbars are already installed in IE.

Even though you're trying to install them in Chrome, it's looking and saying you already got them because you got them in IE. What I think may be happening is simply that the toolbar is being provided in an IE-specific package and what you may need to do is look for a Google Chrome-specific package for that toolbar.

Look for Chrome extensions

So that means going out and looking for a Google Chrome extension that will install the toolbar for AVG and for Bing and for whatever. That way, you'll get the right toolbar in the right browser.

What confuses this is that, if you happen to have multiple browsers installed at the time you install a package (like say AVG), AVG will install the toolbar once. But it will do it in all of the browsers that are already on your machine.

It's only when you add a browser later that you run into this disparity where everything was installed in IE, but hasn't been installed in Chrome because Chrome wasn't around at the time you installed AVG.

So, that's the thing to look for. Check with AVG, check with the Bing download site, and see if you can come up with any extensions for Google Chrome, specifically for each of those toolbars.

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