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Adobe Flash is a popular program for many websites, but it's slowly being replaced by HTML5, so features are becoming available on devices that do not use Flash. Here's what I expect Apple to do.

Do you think that the new iPad 3 will have Adobe Flash? If not, should I leave the iPhone or iPads alone?

In this excerpt from "Answercast #10, I look at the uses of Adobe Flash, consider the ramifications of it being replaced by HTML5, and give my take on the direction that Mac/Apple/iProducts may go.


So, I normally don't deal with Mac/Apple/iProducts, but I did at least have an opinion on this one.

My guess is that no, iPad 3 will probably not have Flash.

For whatever reason, Apple seems to have taken a pretty hardline stance against it.

Should I get an iPhone or iPad?

Now, whether or not that rules out the iPhone and iPad for you really depends on how you plan to use the device and just how dependent you are on things like Flash.

One thing that folks should realize is that Flash is, for many things, slowly being replaced with features that have been added to HTML5.

Many of the things (I think YouTube falls into this bucket right now) that appear to be Flash-reliant are actually able to run on iPhones and iPads just fine, because they're relying on HTML 5 instead.

So, it really boils down to how you expect to use it (what kinds of things you'll be using it for) as to whether or not Flash is a deal breaker for you.

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