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We might like to sometimes act as if Windows Vista never happened, but as the Windows version between Windows XP and Windows 7 it has a significant installed base.

How do I determine my IP address in Windows Vista?

Determining your IP address is easy, but we first have to ask: which IP address do you want? I'll look at determining both.

How do I get my backup program to put the backup where I want?

Getting backup files where you want requires a proper backup program. Windows backup on Vista computers has difficulties in that direction.

How do I manage Windows Vista sidebar gadgets and turn the sidebar back on?

Windows Vista included a Sidebar and Gadgets you could display on your desktop. If you've lost your Vista sidebar gadgets we'll get them back.

Requires Elevation - What does that mean and what do I do?

Windows Vista may tell you that a program requires elevation in order to run. We'll look at what that means, and the various steps you can take.

Should I get Windows Vista or XP?

When purchasing a new machine if offered a choice, Windows Vista may or may not be a clear choice over Windows XP. We'll look at the issues involved.

Should I get the 64 bit version of Windows?

Windows Vista is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. We'll look at what that means, and what that implies for the average user.

Where can I get a downloadable version of Windows Vista?

Providing legitimate sources of Window's software can be a problem for computer technicians, especially as fewer manufacturers provide replacement disks to their customers.