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Yahoo! is of course more than just Yahoo! Mail. This section covers Yahoo! Mail primarily, but may touch on many of the other free services offered by Yahoo!

Can I prevent someone from saving photos shared over Yahoo IM?

It is very easy to capture and save images from the internet, whether they are from websites or social networks. Anything you put out there can easily be grabbed.

Can you tell me how to set up a new email account with Yahoo?

Setting up a new email account with Yahoo is pretty straightforward. But before you do you might want to check: you might already have one!

How do I backup my Yahoo! Mail?

Backing up web-based free email is important. It isn't obvious how to backup Yahoo! Mail nor is it necessarily officially supported, but it's not hard.

How do I cancel a Yahoo email account?

Yahoo provides a free email service as well as many other free features. If you want to delete your Yahoo account - well, that link is well hidden.

How do I download only certain emails from my Yahoo account?

Yahoo does not offer a solution for this on the software side, but there are a few methods you can use to save those important emails.

How do I save Yahoo email files to DVD?

You can save Yahoo email to DVD in relatively simple steps, depending on what part of the email you are wanting to save. The good news is that this gets you backed up!

How should I configure my email so that clicking mail links in other programs works?

Clicking email links will open the default email program on a computer. That can be confusing if you use an online email service like Yahoo.

Is Yahoo email safe?

Yahoo email is safe enough... depending mostly on you, the user, and your personal safety habits.

My Yahoo account was stolen and recovered, but now I'm getting suspicious emails. What should I do?

If your account is stolen and later recovered, you need to carefully examine the account. It may also be advisable to stop using it altogether.

So many accounts are getting hacked, there must be something wrong at the provider - can you get their attention?

So, I can't just call up Yahoo. But I will tell you what is the likely cause of all these breaches.

Somebody knows my IP address and is sending bad emails. Can you help me close my account?

Email is not sent to an IP address, it is sent to an email address. I explore how to close a Yahoo account, and why that is unlikely to help in the long run.

When I delete my Yahoo IM transcripts are they really deleted?

In practicality, information is deleted when it is deleted, although there are several scenarios where it could be recovered if someone were motivated enough!

Why am I getting notices for a service I didn't sign up for?

Sometimes, it's spam, and sometimes, it's not, but there is no need to be scared when you receive subscription notices that you didn't sign up for. Follow the general steps for staying safe online and you'll be fine.